June 20, 2017
TIME: 2:00 PM GMT 

Expanding your hyperscale data center? Adding microscale data centers to provide a better experience for end users? Join us for a webinar to learn how you can see everything on your network from core to remote sites with Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100, the latest in Ixia’s Vision portfolio of Network Packet Brokers (NPBs). These versatile and cost-effective NPBs will ensure you and your tools have the data needed for complete visibility.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Why software-defined visibility is critical—especially as technologies, like hyperscale, evolve
  • The key to achieving rack-level visibility in any scale data center
  • How to extend security coverage everywhere it is needed
  • Tips and tricks to quickly resolve application performance issues, troubleshoot problems, and improve data center automation
Taran Signh, Director of Product Management Recep Ozdag, VP of Product Management

In this webinar, Taran Singh, Director of Product Management and Recep Ozdag, Vice President of Product Management of the visibility portfolio, will discuss everything you need to know about your tools and ensure you have complete visibility. 

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